Seabreeze Landscape Supplies has been in the business for 25 years and has continued to expand and grow. We strive to remain a recognised landscaping, hardscaping and building material supplier to residential and commercial clients across Perth. We are one of the most trusted and recognised suppliers of locally sourced landscaping, hardscaping and building supplies.

Our staff is made up of team members who are fully competent, driven to success and extremely passionate about our business.  We strive to provide exceptional delivery service, we also strive to maintain relationships with our clients and suppliers. Our understanding of the landscaping market is derived from thorough ongoing research, thereby ensuring clients get nothing less than perfectly suited products to meet specific requirements.

We open our doors early with a seven days a week (excluding public holidays) delivery service to make the process as convenient as possible for our residential and commercial clients. Our extensive range of products are available to you at all times, which is part of our aim to be the landscaping suppliers in Perth who are recognised for service excellence and superior products.

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